Schlage TouchTM
Touchscreen Deadbolt

Combining advanced features and compatibility with your home automation system, this door lock with alarm allows you to control your home from anywhere.

It's Security 
Introducing Schlage TouchTM Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt

If you're a homeowner with an active lifestyle, or a busy parent with kids who are always coming and going, then Schlage Touch can help simplify your day by eliminating the hassle of keys entirely.


Sorry, keys, it’s better this way.

With Schlage TouchTM no key means there's nothing to lose, and for would-be intruders, no cylinder to pick. All in a slim profile that's as stylish as it is strong.


We're doing more than just throwing away the key.

The Schlage TouchTM combines convenience-focused design with our legacy for durability.

Memorable: Allow friends and family to get in without a key - simply by entering a code.
Featuring memory for up to 19 users.

Strong: Grade 2 security rating for strong performance across a range of residential applications.

Keyless: Redefine secure with the Schlage Touch’s 100% pick-proof lock.